Majestic, yet so wicked awesome (kelly0182) wrote in flayandco,
Majestic, yet so wicked awesome

Tomorrow's Match. . .

Hey all!

Is everyone getting pumped for the match tomorrow night? I know I am. My boyfriend and I are having a Mario Batali themed dinner as per my request and whining (tee hee). I am making a mozarella crostini with Chicken Caccatore and parmesan smashed potatos. And for desert while watching ICA we are going to have lattes made from the machine that my boyfriends sister bought him for christmas. Is anyone doing anything to celebrate or am i just a dork?? hehe


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lol, yes Im definitly awaiting tomorrows match!
And that so cool you guys are making a Mario Batali dinner.
Sounds yummy; save me some leftovers!
And I should totally celebrate. XD
Its not a bad idea,
and you wont be alone (or feel alone) in celebrating! ^-^
beats watching football! yeah im from pittsburgh but i have no allegiance to the steelers. i pledge allegiance to food network.